Metro Vancouver Rents Up 20% Since BC NDP Formed Government

***For Immediate Release*** January 28, 2021     Continue reading

How We Won at Broadway-Carolina

We beat the developer and put a fighting spirit back into the Union Continue reading

VTU Members' Provincial Election Demands

***For immediate release*** September 22, 2020  At our General Meeting on Sept 19, VTU members moved a motion supporting the following items as our union's priorities during the provincial election: Continue reading

B.C. Tenants Report Deteriorating Mental Health, Going Hungry, and Fears About Making Rent

***For immediate release*** August 24, 2020  With the province-wide ban on evictions for non-payment of rent set to end Sept 1st, the Vancouver Tenants Union (VTU) surveyed 400 renters about their rent situations and their overall well-being. The results were alarming. Continue reading

BC Government Paves Way For Mass Evictions This Fall

***For immediate release*** July 16th 2020 Today the Government of British Columbia announced that the ban on evictions due to non-payment of rent will be removed on September 1st, paving the way for thousands of the most vulnerable tenants in BC to become targets of evictions by their landlords. Continue reading

1,117 renters say no evictions, no rent debt

An open letter to Minister Selina Robinson, Premier John Horgan, and MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert: Continue reading

Status of Renters in May

It’s May. Here’s what the picture for renters in Vancouver looks like: Continue reading

BC and federal governments facilitate massive transfer of wealth from bottom to top as renters unable to pay continue to organize

***For immediate release*** April 2nd 2020  Due to weeks of inaction by federal and BC provincial governments to get support measures out by rent day, thousands of renters with partial or no income have hit a financial wall. Continue reading