East Side Tenants Send Property Manager Packing

Everyone knows that new rental buildings aren’t cheap. But one thing you wouldn’t expect is having to deal with a constant stream of problems when you are paying such high rent. Continue reading

Press Release: BC Government must rectify the eviction crisis in Metro Vancouver

***For Immediate Release*** BC Government must rectify the eviction crisis in Metro Vancouver; VTU slams Housing Minister’s previous statements on the issue Continue reading

New Renoviction Laws - What We Know

Background: It’s been three years since the provincial government’s Rental Housing Task Force delivered their report calling to “Stop Renovictions”. Since then, the government has been slow to make this happen. Continue reading

Renters Fear Real Estate Open Houses a COVID Risk

***For Immediate Release*** VANCOUVER As B.C. experiences a third wave of COVID-19 and tighter restrictions, renter Warren Bowen and his partner are worried about their safety as their landlord hosts real estate open houses in the 750 sq ft condo his partner rents. Continue reading

VTU Members Organize Against the Developers Lobby to Expand Protection for Affordable Rentals Units

On March 11th, renters and VTU members spoke in favour of a proposal to expand the City of Vancouver’s "Rental Housing Stock Official Development Plan" to Commercial zones across the city. Continue reading

Why B.C. Eviction Data Is Out of Reach

  As pandemic-era eviction bans have expired in jurisdictions all around the world, tenants who have been unable to pay rent during a time of crisis are getting evicted en-masse. The B.C. government allowed evictions to resume back in September 2020, attached to a requirement that landlords must offer tenants a punishing 10-month repayment schedule for their rent debt. VTU members have demanded that the eviction ban remain in place for the duration of the pandemic - allowing people to lose their homes during this time is inhumane and dangerous for public health. Continue reading

Metro Vancouver Rents Up 20% Since BC NDP Formed Government

***For Immediate Release*** January 28, 2021     Continue reading

How We Won at Broadway-Carolina

We beat the developer and put a fighting spirit back into the Union Continue reading