Video: "Capital City" Author Samuel Stein Visits

On May 21, the VTU and The Mainlander co-hosted a panel discussion on gentrification and housing justice organizing with author Samuel Stein and local housing activists Sydney Ball, Nathan Crompton, and Nat Lowe. Continue reading

Province Slow To Roll Out Renoviction Protections

Five months on from the disappointing Rental Housing Task Force report, provincial government drags its heels on action against renovictions and other tenant protections Continue reading

All-Spanish Language Info Session for Community in Vancouver: More to Come

On April 9: VTU Steering Committee member Rocco Trigueros organized a Spanish-speaking tenants’ rights session for the community in Vancouver. There are about 37,000 people in Vancouver with Spanish as their first language.                   Continue reading

West End Chapter Launch

On March 24th 2019, the inaugural meeting of the VTU West End Chapter took place at Gordon Neighbourhood House... Continue reading

Join VTU in Supporting the Motion to Re-Conceptualize City's Rental 100 Program

Vancouver Cllr. Jean Swanson is bringing a motion to City Council next Wednesday, April 3 to stop giving subsidies (in the form of Development Cost Levy (DCL) waivers) for the construction of luxury, unaffordable rentals incorrectly named "affordable for-profit market rentals". Continue reading

Hastings Sunrise Chapter - First Meeting

One Tuesday Jan 29th, Hastings Sunrise tenants met to initiate a VTU local chapter in this renter-heavy neighbourhood. Continue reading

Analysis: Rental Housing Task Force Recommendations

The 2018 Rental Housing Task Force (RHTF) was meant to “advise on how to improve security and fairness for renters and rental housing providers throughout the province."  However, from its outset the consultation process did not take into account the inherent power imbalances between landlords and renters. Continue reading

Tenants and Advocates from across BC Urge Province to Implement Vacancy Control

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 12, 2018 Today the BC Rental Housing Task Force announced its recommendations after consulting with tenants province wide. The following groups are extremely concerned that vacancy control, the policy of limiting rent increases between tenancies, is not one of the recommendations put forward by the task force.  Continue reading

*Partial* Victory to Ban Renovictions in Vancouver

On December 4th Vancouver city council voted unanimously in favor of an amended motion to ban renovictions. It is a partial victory, but a victory nonetheless.   Continue reading

Standing up to Serial Renovictors: VS Rentals

Earlier this year, VTU's Outreach and Advocacy Team (OAT) discovered that a company that was carrying out mass renovictions of entire apartment buildings across the Lower Mainland...   Continue reading