Help Tenants at 326 Nanaimo

Renters at 326 Nanaimo St. need support from fellow tenants! Can you send a letter to the City?

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Dear Mayor and Council,
Director of Affordable Housing, Abigail Bond,
Senior Planner, Affordable Housing Programs, Allison Dunnet, 

I am writing to express extreme concern about tenants at 326 Nanaimo being forced out of their long-term homes by developer, Lanaca Properties (office: 862 Renfrew St). 

The developer does not have all the necessary permits yet as required by the RTA to evict the tenants. Furthermore, the tenants are entitled to compensation and relocation in their current neighbourhood of Hastings Sunrise, pet-friendly and within 10% of their current rents, which are around $1100/mo for 2 bedrooms.

While the tenants original eviction date was July 31st and tenants had submitted their relocation surveys to the landlord on June 3, only on July 17th, did they receive letters via landlord from representatives of an alleged tenant relocation assistance company. Upon further research, it became evident that the company is in fact a Public Relations Management company, and an affiliate of Talk Shop Media. 

The landlord, Lisa Chan, is also owner and operator of multiple Short Term Rental companies, such as and It is unclear to anyone looking whether these businesses are legal, given the City’s new STR regulations; or if they are real businesses, as the landlord has claimed that even though her company’s website claims to specialize in relocation rentals, they would not be able to relocate her own tenants - as obligated by the City Tenant Relocation and Protection Policy.

Tenants are concerned this eviction is in bad faith, as they feel the landlord wants to evict them so the property can be used for short term rentals. Landlords are currently able to apply for development permits and use it to evict tenants, without actually developing. Instead they can use the permit to sell the property for higher value or rent for higher. How is the City ensuring that in the midst of a housing crisis, low income working class tenants are not being evicted solely so a landlord can turn a profit?

Tenants have emphasized several times to their landlord that the most important issue for them is relocation. While a postponed (due to RTB hearing) eviction date of Sep 7th, looms over tenants neither the landlord nor her supposed relocation specialists have been contacting tenants with any kind of assistance, she has not even met with the tenants once.

With such little time left, tenants are very worried about the prospects of a PR company being able to find them any suitable option that is within 10% of their current rents and in the same neighbourhood.

I ask that the City refuse to issue an occupancy permit for this landlord, unless they find a way to meaningfully relocate the tenants, or if not, fulfilling the tenants wish of a top-up in rent difference between what they pay now and current market rents in Vancouver for a period of one year, on top of other required compensations under TRP.


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