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2019 Dues Renewal

The VTU has accomplished a lot in its first year, including:

We're not slowing down - we're just getting started. 

That's why we need you renew your commitment to building tenant power!

As per the Vancouver Tenant Union Bylaw 2.3.6:

Current members can renew their membership by paying their annual dues any time during the month of July. If a current member does not pay their annual dues by July 31, that member’s membership lapses.

Membership Fees:

In order to make membership as accessible as possible, annual member fees start at $1.

Our suggested membership fee formula:

$1 per $1000 of your annual income.

OR become a Monthly Supporter and never get a dues-renewal reminder again!

Don't Have Paypal?

You can send cash or cheque (Payable to "VANCOUVER TENANTS UNION") to:

P.O. Box 88151
418 Main Street
Vancouver, B.C.
V6A 4A5

You can also pay in-person at our next General Meeting (usually held monthly)