Dues Renewal FAQ

"Why do I need to renew my membership every year?"

  1. You probably joined the VTU because you know that the deck is stacked against renters. Since founding in 2017, VTU members have banded together to:
    • Empower ourselves through education
    • Challenge landlords who exploit and displace us by organizing and taking collective action
    • Change policies at all levels of government to protect renters

  2. As a democratically structured organization, we need to ensure we have your continued support in our work for housing justice. Renewing your membership is about renewing your commitment to building tenant power in our city, in whatever way you are able.

  3. Our funding comes entirely from our member dues/donations, and we intend to keep it that way. Even though the VTU is volunteer-run, one-time donations are not enough to build a sustainable movement. (You can also become a monthly supporter member)

"What has the VTU been able to achieve?"

Read more about our work HERE...

"That's great, but what does being a member of VTU do for me?"

If our tenant-powered achievements so far don't impress you, here's another reason to be a VTU member:
For a minimum of $1 a year, your fellow VTU members will stand behind you, offering solidarity and peer support, if you are having issues with your landlord. 

When mass evictions happen, we show up and make it a big deal. Even if you're not in crisis now, your membership means solidarity with a network of fellow tenants fighting for housing justice. Some call this mutual aid

"I don't live in Vancouver (anymore)"

Our bylaws say that any member living in the Lower Mainland (as far as Hope) is considered a member in good standing. If you've moved further away, you are welcome to continue supporting VTU and being a member, however you will no longer be in good standing as a voting member until/unless you move back.

You can send us a quick email if you've moved away permanently and no longer wish to be a member.

Be sure to get involved in your local tenants organization in your new home! Click here to check out our directory of other tenant organizations across Canada.

"What happens if I don't renew my membership?"

As per Section 2.5 of the VTU bylaws, your membership will cease to be "in good standing" after 45 days.

This means that until your dues are renewed, you won't be able to access VTU advocacy resources, nor will you be allowed to vote, pass resolutions, or be eligible to take leadership roles within the VTU.

You will stay on our email list, so you can have every opportunity to renew your dues and continue to participate in VTU events. 

More Questions?

If you have any questions that weren't answered here, or would like to terminate your membership, please contact us directly.