Housing is a human right.

Everyone deserves to live with dignity in a safe, secure, clean, affordable and accessible home.

We reject the speculative market.

We reject that housing can or should be seen as a ‘commodity’ or an avenue to make money.


a large group of tenants gathers for a photo around the Vancouver Tenants Rights banner

The Vancouver Tenants Union represents over 2000 members, and seeks to build a base of tenants throughout the city to establish political power to create change.

Over 50% of Vancouver households are rentals, yet tenants continue to be disempowered and disconnected. In an effort to address this, the Vancouver Tenants Union is committed to educating renters on their rights and standing up to landlords and developers who persistently compromise our security and livelihood.

We are fighting for the rights of tenants and the preservation of affordable housing. Everyone, regardless of economic status, lifestyle, ability, age, gender, race, sexuality, or citizenship deserves a safe, secure, and affordable home. 

We Demand:

  • Real Rent Control

  • Eviction Protections

  • More Affordable Housing

  • Better Incomes for All

No Displacement on Stolen Native Land

We acknowledge that we are organizing, living, and resisting on unceded Coast Salish territories, specifically of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil-Waututh nations. We recognize that displacement and gentrification are part of the larger colonial and capitalist systems that occupy these lands. Fighting for tenants rights, is a fight for housing justice for all. 

Steering Committee

Jen Efting, Eliot Galán, Mazdak Gharibnavaz, David Hendry, Bryan Jacobs, Roger Newell, Sara Sagaii, Sue Robinet, Rocco Trigueros, Mariah Gillis, Claire Lomas, Neil Vokey

 The VTU's Constitution & Bylaws

The VTU's Constitution is the basis of unity for our organization and outlines the founding values and goals which we are always striving for. The Bylaws are the guides for our day to day operations. 

View a plain language version of the Bylaws here.