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Help us grow our tenant-powered movement and fight for housing as a human right for all

The VTU is organized into several broad working groups, all of which work together in various ways. Below are some basic descriptions of each group and opportunities to get involved.

Movements like ours are made by those who show up and do the work. Will you be one of them?

If you are interested in learning more, or want to join a working group, you can attend one of our monthly General Meetings or email us: [email protected]

Active Working Groups

Membership Organizing And Tenant Solidarty (MOATS): 

These members work to educate and agitate members, especially those looking to learn more about renters' rights and how to organize with our neighbours. This is a good working group for new volunteers to get involved. 

Want to learn more? Contact the Membership Team Rep: [email protected]

Communications Team

The VTU Comms Team is responsible for both internal (membership), and external (social media, press) communications. Working closely with other VTU Working Groups, Comms team members help develop and implement outreach strategy for events, campaigns and more. 

First-time volunteers might help with:

  • Designing a poster or graphic
  • Capturing an event with photo or video
  • Covering an event and writing a piece for our blog/newsletter

    Other volunteer opportunities include:
  • Managing social media accounts
  • Writing press releases
  • Composing member email newsletters & website updates
  • Developing communications and campaigns strategy
  • Translating VTU materials to other languages

Want to learn more? Contact the Comms Team Rep: [email protected]

City Hall Working Group: 

This working group was formed in the aftermath of VTU's mass mobilization of hundreds of speakers, letter writers and supporters to pass Councillor Swanson's Stop Renovictions motion in Nov and Dec 2018. 

Since then this team has actively participated in tenants related motions, reports and other issues at City Hall. We have collaborated with tenant friendly councillors, organized speakers and letter writing campaigns on important motions to try and push for the changes that we need municipally. We also connect with OAT and VTU's local chapters to bring tenants issues and voices to city hall. As well we work on analyzing policy that comes out of City Council and making City Hall knowledge accessible to our members. The overall goal of this working group is to empower tenants voices in democracy, make space for tenants in City Hall decision making and to push for tenant-friendly regulations at City Council level.

The predecessor campaign to this working group was VTU's Renters Report campaign for the 2018 municipal election, where tenant participants gathered from across the City to grade 2018 Mayor and council candidates and parties responses to a VTU's questionnaire on renters issues. VTU organizers then worked to distribute the resulting report card among renters of the City and worked on turning tenants out to vote.

Want to learn more? Contact the City Hall Team Rep: [email protected]

Data Tools Working Group

The Data Tools Working Group uses data as a resource for tenants in their struggle against the increasing precariousness of the housing situation in Vancouver. We organize on Discord.

First-Time volunteers might help with:

  • Researching/amalgamating data online
  • Coding (beginners and experts alike are welcome)
  • Other web/digital projects in the VTU


Want to learn more? Contact the Datatools Team Rep: [email protected]

Local Chapters

Want to get involved directly in issues going on in your own neighbourhood?

Local chapters work in tandem with other working groups to carry out organizing campaigns, host outreach events and more. This is part of a broader effort to connect tenants to their neighbours.

Currently Active Local Chapter:

Inactive Local Chapters (may they rise again!)

These chapters were active at one time but have not met in more than a year.

  • Hastings Sunrise (will relaunch soon as East Side Chapter)
  • Marpole (now part of West side chapter)
  • West End (relaunch coming later in 2021)

If you would like to start a new chapter in a neighbourhood you don't see here or you would like to help revive one of the inactive chapters, please email us at [email protected]

New Teams/Working Groups

Are you a member who wants to start a working group?

Please get in touch! 

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