Resources for Members

Whether you are a current VTU member or considering joining, there’s all sorts of information available to help you learn what being a member means and help you stay up to date on what’s happening in your Union!

  • Member Handbook
    The member handbook contains basic, essential information about the Vancouver Tenants Union and how we operate, written in plain language. (Last Updated June 2023)
  • Basis of Unity
    The Basis of Unity is a living document - articulated by members - that contains core political positions, lessons we have learned as an organization through years of work, and a blueprint for how we can build power as organized tenants. (Last Updated May 2022)
  • Constitution & Bylaws
    The Constitution provides the framework for our organization and outlines the founding values and goals which we are always striving for. The Bylaws are the guides for our day to day operations. (Last Updated November 2023)
  • Code of Conduct
    All members of the VTU agree to abide by the rules in the Code of Conduct.
  • General Meeting Minutes
  • Printable Membership Form