Fix Vancouver's Tenant Protections

You've probably heard - the City of Vancouver's Tenant Protections are not working.

The Tenant Relocation & Protection Policy (TRPP) is designed for tenants facing renoviction or demoviction. The policy is supposed to help minimize the impact of displacement and help tenants stay in their communities. Unfortunately, the policy is too weak to do what it's intended- but there is hope...

In December of 2019, the City of Burnaby passed the strongest municipal tenant protections in Canada:

Graphic table comparing policies. In Vancouver: All tenants offered right of first refusal to return to the new or renovated building at 20% below market rents; i.e. still too much for you to afford; Compensation based on tenure from 4-24 months; i.e. a one way ticket out of town; In Burnaby: All tenants offered right of first refusal to return to the new or renovated building at the same rent; All tenants given \

After years of large scale demovictions in Burnaby's Metrotown neighbourhood, organized tenants worked to ensure Burnaby's tenant protections would help keep tenants in their communities. Burnaby's Tenant Assistance Policy was adopted in 2019 and designed through a task force composed of renters, housing and labour advocates, landlords, and developers. 


February 2020 This petition was endorsed by the Vancouver and District Labour Council

September 2022 Vancouver City Council voted to implement stronger tenant protections, similar to those we have demanded, but only for the Broadway Plan area, a small area of the city that runs parallel the new Broadway Skytrain extension. VTU members will keep pushing for these protections to be implemented on a city-wide level - we will not accept a two-tier system. Click here to learn more about these protections.

The Vancouver Tenants Union is calling on Vancouver City Council and Staff to amend the city's Tenant Relocation and Protection Policy to match the City of Burnaby in order to protect the thousands of tenants facing renoviction and demoviction as the city rapidly densifies.

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