Fix Vancouver's Tenant Protections

You've probably heard - the City of Vancouver's Tenant Protections are not working.

The Tenant Relocation & Protection Policy (TRPP) is designed for tenants facing renoviction or demoviction. The policy is supposed to help minimize the impact of displacement and help tenants stay in their communities. Unfortunately, the policy is too weak to do what it's intended- but there is hope...

In December of 2019, the City of Burnaby passed the strongest municipal tenant protections in the region and likely all of Canada:

Amazingly, Burnaby's tenant protections were designed through a task force composed of renters, housing and labour advocates, landlords, and developers. The fact that they all agreed to this policy means that these measures will work!


The Vancouver Tenants Union is calling on Vancouver City Council and Staff to amend the city's Tenant Relocation and Protection Policy to match the City of Burnaby in order to protect the thousands of tenants facing renoviction and demoviction as the city rapidly densifies.

This petition was endorsed by the Vancouver and District Labour Council on February 18, 2020

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