Real Rent Control Now: Letter to the BC Rental Housing Task Force

In light of certain statements made this week in the media, The Vancouver Tenants Union (VTU) thought it necessary to reiterate that the implementation of Vacancy Control —tying rent control to a unit, instead of a tenant— is the most critical improvement that can be made to the Residential Tenancy Act at this time to protect tenants. Continue reading

November 2018 General Meeting

Here's what happened at our General Meeting on November 24, 2018... Continue reading

Civic Election 2018 - Renters Report Card

The VTU created a report card for renters to know candidates running in the 2018 Vancouver municipal elections stand on key renters' issues and encourage our members to vote on October 20th... Continue reading

October 2018 General Meeting

Here's what happened at our General Meeting on October 3rd, 2018... Continue reading

4.5% Hike Means Fight!

Here's a quick re-cap on the events that led up to the BC Government lowering the annual allowable rent increase from 4.5% to 2.5% for 2019...  Continue reading

Berkeley Tower Tenants Rally Against Renovictions

Facing imminent mass eviction, residents of the Berkeley Tower in Vancouver's West End (1770 Davie St) held a to protest renovictions... Continue reading

VTU Ready for Municipal Election After Tenant Organizer Training

The VTU is poised to take back the city from landlords and developers in the upcoming municipal election... Continue reading

VTU Holds First Kitsilano Meeting

On August 18, 2018, a VTU member from the Kitsilano area organized a community meeting in their neighbourhood... Continue reading

Deep Pockets and the Coming Wave of New Westminster Renovictions

Dispatch from VTU Organizer David Hendry: "Big money salivates at the investment opportunities of 'below-market' rental housing.  In New West, hundreds of older rental buildings face the upward pressure of a housing market gone insane.  Now is the time to organize your building and your neighborhood to protect some of the last of the “affordable” rental stock in the Lower Mainland." Continue reading

July 2018 General Meeting

Here's what happened at our General Meeting on July 28th, 2018... Continue reading