Renovictions & Demovictions

For many renters, just hearing the news of a possible renoviction or demoviction can send us into panic mode. Landlords know this, and many use it to their advantage. Know what you are entitled to, and don’t move until you’ve secured what is owed to you.

My landlord wants to renovict me. What are my rights?

Laws around Renovictions in B.C. have recently changed. Learn more HERE

My landlord says they are going to demolish my home. What are my rights?

Any landlord in BC must follow the provincial rules at a minimum if they intend to demolish the building you are renting. 

Depending on what city you live in, your landlord might be required to provide additional supports and compensation. Currently, the city with the best local tenant protections is Burnaby - FIND OUT WHY.



Provincial (anywhere in BC)

Your landlord must serve the proper eviction form (RTB-29) which includes:

  • Four Months Notice
  • Compensation equal to one months rent (or final month is free)
  • Up to 30 days to dispute eviction at RTB
  • If you live in a building with 5 or more units, you can claim right of first refusal to move into one of the newly rebuilt units BUT your landlord can reset the rent to whatever they want. 

City of Vancouver

The city has a formal process that makes landlords who want to redevelop their rental property to help relocate and/or compensate tenants for displacing them. This is called the Tenant Relocation and Protection Policy (TRPP)

  • The policy only applies to:
    • Buildings with five or more units, in designated geographic areas 
    • Multiple properties that are being consolidated (land assemblies), where proposed development is for 5 or more units
  • Compensation for tenants to leave ranges from 4-24 months rent, depending on the length of tenancy, plus moving costs
  • Some basic assistance relocating, with extra supports for low income tenants to find below market housing
  • A limited right of first refusal with a 20% discount on a unit when the new building is complete

As soon as you find out your building is being redeveloped, contact the city staff to find out if you qualify for the TRPP. (Feel free to CC the VTU: [email protected])

Don’t leave - Bargain!

The City’s TRP policy offers small lump sum payments but is designed to protect tenants from being forced out of their homes and often leaves them priced out of their communities. Vancouver Tenants Union members want this policy changed so tenants can move back at the same rent they were paying before. While we campaign for policy change, VTU members have successfully organized and bargained better deals than the bare minimum that the city requires. Read about how renters have won HERE, and HERE.

Contact the VTU if you and your neighbours are interested in collective bargaining for a better deal.

Other Cities

Organized renters in New Westminster, Burnaby and Port Coquitlam have fought for and won stronger protections against renovictions and demovictions.

Read our Guide Municipal to Tenant Protections in the Lower Mainland


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