January 2019 General Meeting

Here's what happened at our General Meeting on January 19, 2019...

Item 1: Territorial Acknowledgement & Community Agreements

The meeting started with introducing our Community Agreements, (which will be re-iterated at all our meetings). They are:

1. One-mic - means to respect each other’s speaking time.
2. Speak Up/Listen Up - means that people who are comfortable should step up on their listening skills and people who tend not to speak should step up speaking more.
3. Break It Down - explaining words or phrases that are unclear/ inaccessible.
4. Respect Each Other - oppressive behaviour will not be tolerated.
5. Challenge Ideas, Not People - disagreements should be expressed with what people have said and not the people themselves.
6. Be Present
7. Take Care Of Yourself - do what is best for your physical and emotional well being

Item 2: Introductions of present members/Advocacy Rounds

[Confidential - VTU does not publish names of meeting attendees or their tenancy situations]

Item 3: Brief update from Steering Committee

Since the last general meeting, the Steering Committee made two time-sensitive decisions that needed to be reported back on. (See Section 4.19 of the VTU Bylaws).

    1. Joining Canada Postal Workers Union (CUPW) Day of Action
    2. Signing the Pledge to Stand with Unist'ot'en

Members present did not challenge these decisions.

Item 4: 2019 Pre-Annual General Meeting

With the VTU Convention & AGM coming up on February 24th, Sydney reviewed the process for electing new Steering Committee members and answered questions.

The VTU is bound by its constitution and bylaws, ratified by members at the 2017 (first) AGM. They can be found HERE

Members interested in running for a seat on the Steering Committee can apply HERE

Item 5: Next Steps on Real Rent Control Campaign

Members were given demonstration of a new Vacancy Control slideshow/workshop, which the working group will deploy in community meetings across the lower mainland.

The first official Vacancy Control Info Session will be held on February 6 at 312 Main St.

Item 6: Motion B10 (on Renovictions in Vancouver) Update + Q&A

(Update available here)

Next Meeting is our AGM on February 24, 2019