Vacancy Control Info Session

We're continuing our campaign to tie rent controls to units (i.e. vacancy control). The provincial gov't recently announced it does not want to do this, which means we have a bigger fight ahead to unite tenants on this critical issue. 

Join us find out more about

  • what Vacancy Control is
  • why we need it back, and
  • how we can go about making that happen.

When: WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 6th 6:00pm -7:30pm
Where: "Reach Room" on the First Floor of 312 Main St
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*Open to All*

312 Main St "Reach Room" is located on the ground floor of the building, with a ramp from the "accessible" entrance off of Cordova St. The ground floor has access to 2 wheelchair accessible washroom stalls. All are gender neutral, single stall. Overhead fluorescent lighting. Internet connection and a projector will be used. We encourage folks to practice scent reduction but cannot guarantee a scent-free space.