Working Groups

A Working Group may be established by the Steering Committee, or by a petition to the Steering Committee by 3 or more VTU members outlining the general scope of the Working Group. Working Groups coordinate with the broader Vancouver Tenants Union by selecting a representative to sit on the VTU's Steering Committee. If a Working Group ceases to hold any meetings or events for three consecutive months may be deemed "inactive" and removed from this page.

Education & Outreach

The purpose of this working group is to educate and agitate members, especially those looking to learn more about renters' rights and how to organize with our neighbours. 

We do things like:

  • Strategize and create educational materials to support VTU members
  • Create and lead workshops on organizing and tenant rights

This is also the working group that houses outreach efforts, including volunteers who check VTU's email inboxes.

Note: This working group was formerly called Membership Organizing and Tenant Solidarity (MOATS)

Want to learn more? Contact them at: [email protected]

Communications + Design Working Group

The VTU Communications + Design Working Group is responsible for both internal (membership), and external (social media, press) communications. Working closely with other VTU Working Groups, members help develop and implement outreach strategy for events, campaigns and more. 

First-time volunteers might help with:

  • Designing a poster or graphic
  • Capturing an event with photo or video
  • Covering an event and writing a piece for our blog/newsletter

Other volunteer opportunities include:

  • Managing social media accounts
  • Writing press releases
  • Composing member email newsletters & website updates
  • Developing communications and campaigns strategy
  • Translating VTU materials to other languages

Want to learn more? Contact them at: [email protected]

Data Tools Working Group

The Data Tools Working Group uses data as a resource for tenants in their struggle against the increasing precariousness of the housing situation in Vancouver. We organize on Discord. *VISIT THE MICRO-SITE HERE*

First-time volunteers might help with:

  • Researching/amalgamating data online
  • Coding (beginners and experts alike are welcome)
  • Other web/digital projects in the VTU

Want to learn more? Contact them at: [email protected]

Multi-Media Arm

This is a creative working group where VTU members can use their talent and artistic side to express their views and opinions on the housing crisis in BC and to find solutions to the housing situation of tenants in BC. The working group uses various platforms for tenants to utilize their talent and bring awareness to specific tenant issues.

Some members of the MMA working group are already working on :

  1. Creating an app where tenants can enter the issues they are encountering and be directed to the relevant sections of the Tenancy Act, past decisions/case laws, pro bono lawyers, clinics they can reach out to, etc.
  2. Documenting tenants' efforts in organizing their building and other buildings, as well as documenting their struggle with maintenance issues, RTB hearings, and dealing with the government bureaucracy, delays and unfairness.
  3. Creating a podcast where tenants can tell their stories the way they lived it and brainstorm on the current system and how we can improve it.

Want to learn more? Contact them at: [e-mail TBD]