Status of Renters in May

It’s May. Here’s what the picture for renters in Vancouver looks like:



Those who lost their jobs due to COVID-19 have been offered Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB - $2000/month) and the BC Temporary Rental Supplement (TRS - $300/month).

toilet paper CERB TRS graphic

How do these offerings stack up against the average market-rate cost of rent in BC? The outlook isn't so good:


Last month we asked members and supporters who had indicated they are at risk of missing rent about their financial situation. Here's what they had to say by May 1st:


66% of renters are in a precarious financial position.

44% of respondents had applied for TRS and either been denied, or were still waiting for an answer.

66% had lost some or all income and had to apply for the CERB.

Remember when Premier John Horgan told us we should negotiate in good faith with our landlords for rent reductions? For 60% of renters, there was no relief to be found and they took on debt, drained savings, or missed paying rent.


Are you concerned about the situation for renters or struggling financially yourself? Sign the petition to make renters whole.


Need information about your rights or looking to take action by organizing your building for a better outcome for renters? Visit our resources page here.