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June 24th, 2020


The B.C. Ministry of Housing and Municipal Affairs has updated the COVID-19 protections for renters. Please read carefully.

These measures have been extended until August 31st:

  • The $300 - $500 BC Housing Temporary Rent Supplement Program
  • The ban on evictions for the non-payment of rent or late rent
  • The freeze on rent increases

Starting in July your landlord can resume eviction processes that started before the before the March 31st eviction ban.

And starting immediately, your landlord will be allowed to:

  • Issue evictions for reasons including:
    • Landlord's use of property
    • Renovictions or Demovictions
  • Access your unit for regular repairs, to show your suite, or to host an open house

More details on the Residential Tenancy Branch's website, here:

Take action

In March, thousands of VTU members, and tenants and advocates all across B.C. pushed the government for a full evictions ban, and won - the province pivoted and implemented a ban that has helped over a million renters shelter in place safely over the last several months.

Partially lifting the eviction ban weakens our protections during this pandemic.

The province is still saying that renters who have accrued rent debt will be required to pay it back in full. They want to get back to normal; their normal is our nightmare.

We have heard from hundreds of renters who are draining their savings to pay rent, are behind on rent, or have been unable to pay rent at all because of this crisis. Demanding thousands of dollars in debt repayments from those who already financially strained could very well lead to mass evictions when the ban is lifted. We must stop rent debts.

Send a letter to Minister Selina Robinson to Cancel Rent Debt!

Join Our Tenant-Powered Movement

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the ways in which our union organizes, and takes collective action.

Most of our work is now happening online. We recognize that this creates a participation barrier for those without a computer and/or internet access. We will continue learning, adapting, and seeking ways to include everyone in our movement for housing justice, because we know our voices as renters are the most powerful when we are united. As a 100% volunteer-run organization, we are committed to supporting each other to the best of our capacity while respecting physical distancing measures and prioritizing health and safety. 

Our union is only as strong as our membership. Will you join us?

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