COVID-19 BC Rent Crisis Resources

Together We Stay Vancouver Tenants Union

Campaign Statement

Be Safe. Just Stay. Even if you Cannot Pay.

Read about VTU's plans to help tenants survive and build their collective power during the BC Rent Crisis.


Renter's Toolkit

The toolkit covers questions like:

  • I won't be able to pay my rent! What do I do?
  • What can I expect if I can't pay rent during the eviction moratorium?
  • Do I have to move out if I can't pay my rent?
  • Can my landlord kick me out by force?


Letter to Landlord Template

If you want to open a dialogue with your landlord about rent, we've created a letter template for you to use!


So you want to organize your building?

If you're interested in getting involved with organizing your building, please fill out our form so we can help bring neighbours together! 


Printable Factsheet about COVID-19 and Housing in BC

We've created a factsheet you can print out and post in your building for your neighbours to know their rights and how to get involved in organizing the building. 


External Resources

Disputing an Eviction Notice (BC Government)

TRAC Tenant’s Survival Guide for more info on evictions and paying rent 

A quick factsheet on the BC Government's Housing Announcement

A quick factsheet on Federal Income Supplements during COVID-19

Leadnow - Cancel Rent Now