So you want to organize your building?

If you're interested in getting involved with organizing your building, please fill out our form so we can help bring neighbours together! 


The Vancouver Tenants Union is organizing buildings across Vancouver to help tenants survive and build their collective power during the BC Rent Crisis. Our Renter’s Toolkit and other resources will help explain your tenant rights, help you safely reach out to your neighbors, help flip the power relationship with your landlord and lobby government for real rent relief.

For members and tenants already talking to their neighbours and for those who want to start, we offer these tools and our support to take action that is right for you.

Bring your neighbors into communication and start planning how to survive this crisis together. Let’s build the kind of tenant power that can win the housing we all need.


Building Organizing Form


All of your information will be kept confidential and in possession of the Vancouver Tenant Union. Your contact info will only be used to contact you if you have chosen to be contacted.


Be safe. Just stay. Even if you cannot pay.