November 2023 [Hybrid] Annual General Meeting Minutes

46 VTU members and guests attended our November Annual General Meeting which took place on November 26th in-person and over zoom. Here is a summarized version of the minutes.


Item 1 - Land Acknowledgement and Community Agreements

Item 2 - Financial Report from Treasurer

  • The financial report was presented
  • Members can email [email protected] for a copy of our financial report
  • Motion to approve the financial report
    • VOTE: Motion passed unanimously

Item 3 - Steering Committee Report

  • Four healthy and thriving neighborhood chapters: Mount Pleasant, Eastside, Fairview, and the West End
  • Organizing in eight buildings
  • Hoping to onboard new chapters in 2024

Item 4 - Working Group Updates and Chapter Reports

  • Mount Pleasant Chapter
    • Focusing on face-to-face organizing
    • Meetings every Tuesday, alternating between organizing and admin/business
    • Multiple building fights
    • Success having the eviction of a neighbour rescinded!
  • Eastside Chapter
    • Action at City Hall to prevent demoviction of member
    • Big fight against a landlord who manages four buildings, including letter writing, protests at the office, and media coverage
    • Continuing pressure to ensure tenant’s demands are met
  • West End Chapter
    • Reawakened as of April
    • Tabling at local farmer’s markets
    • Held multiple workshops
    • Learning from past mistakes to ensure the chapter has a wide variety of volunteers to share the burdens of organizing
  • Fairview Chapter
    • Was struggling with low attendance
    • Goal was to be self-sustaining, and that has been achieved!
    • Multiple postering campaigns
    • Getting lots of people involved
    • Organizing in five buildings
    • Had a BBQ in late September with over 150 coming out to talk to their neighbours and build solidarity!
  • Communications Working Group
    • Lots of background and design work this year
    • Working to build procedures so more union members can be empowered to post on behalf of their chapters
    • Building tools to make that easy
  • Education & Outreach Working Group
    • Formerly known as MOATS
    • Meets when necessary
    • Updating workshops with new information
    • Working on a system for people to request workshops
    • Building a VTU library
  • Data Tools Working Group
    • Are meeting again!
    • Holding a Hack-A-Thon on December 5th
    • Making those regular monthly events

Item 5 - Steering Committee Election - Members heard from nominees running for a term on the Steering Committee. Because there were fewer nominees than seats available, attending members voted to acclaim all nominees. The newly elected members are:

Jonathan B, Liam Fox, Melanie Budisusilo, Nat, Rebecca L, Victoria B

A big thanks to the amazing work of the outgoing elected Steering Committee members from 2022/23 who have stepped down:

AJ Batalden, Gordon Macdonald, Lillian Deeb, Mazdak Gharibnavaz, Neil Vokey

Item 6 - Special Resolution (ATUN)

  • Resolution to join the Autonomous Tenants Union Network (ATUN)
  • Members shared their experience with the LA Tenants Union and ATUN earlier this year
  • ATUN had their west coast convention this summer and had their national convention in LA last year
  • Motion to join ATUN
    • VOTE: Motion passed with a majority

Item 7 - Motion to Fund Translation Equipment

  • Discussion about spending resources on translation equipment
  • The VTU is increasingly encountering need for translation services so tenants can engage in meetings, building organizing, etc
  • Part of the work to become a more inclusive and multilingual union
  • Over the summer, there was a commitment from the VTU to join the 105 Keefer campaign, which includes developing a language school
  • Motion to fund translation equipment
    • VOTE: Motion passed unanimously

Item 8 - Community Announcements

  • Mount Pleasant Social - Tuesday, November 28th at 7pm
  • Donate to SLAM, the Montreal autonomous tenants union


Live minutes are recorded at each GM and condensed for the website. For more detailed minutes any member may contact us: [email protected]