July 2022 General Meeting Minutes

35 VTU members and guests attended our general meeting on July 10th at Trout Lake (John Hendry Park). Here is a summarized version of the minutes.

Large group of tenant union members gathered in a grassy open are of Trout Lake Park under a blue tent. One speaker is sitting in a chair speaking into a microphone. 

Item 1 - Territorial Acknowledgement & Community Agreements

Item 2 - Group Discussion: How do we prioritize what buildings to organize? 

  • Review of discussion guide from Los Angeles Tenants Union (LATU)

  • Breakout groups and report back. Key takeaways:

    • Chapters should work together to identify priority buildings based on their capacity

    • Focusing on one building at a time might be best for chapters

    • It can take time and multiple investigations in order to determine if tenants want to "fight" - vast majority will not immediately be ready

    • Organizing in single family homes - where many renters live, can be a challenge based on our structure-based organizing approach. But there are models of building neighbourhood power if a group of member or chapter identifies a single-family home renting situation as a key fight that should be prioritized

Item 3 - Steering Committee Updates

  • Steering Committee Vacancy:

    Statement from member and motion:

    BE IT RESOLVED THAT VTU general membership acclaim Rebecca L. to the Steering Committee

    Motion Passes Unanimously

  • Update from Treasurer on the City of Vancouver Renters Services Grant
    • After many months of negotiations, the City of Vancouver refused to remove conditions imposed on VTU as a condition of the grant. 

    • As per a motion that passed at our May 2021 General Meeting, membership empowered Steering to reject the grant.

    • Motion from the floor:

      BE IT RESOLVED THAT VTU General Membership never pursues or accepts money from the City of Vancouver

      Motion does not pass: 10 in favour; 4 opposed; 16 abstentions 

Item 4 - Neighbourhood chapter updates

  • West End:
    • Presentation + Discussion on a chapter budget

    • Motion:

       allocates $3,993 for the West End chapter and approve the budget associated with this number

    • Motion passes unanimously

Item 5 - Open floor for announcements

Meeting Adjourned

Live minutes are recorded at each GM and condensed for the website. For more detailed minutes any member may contact us: [email protected]