Real Rent Control Hackathon

Hosted by the VTU and Populous Map

Vacancy Control, reforming the Tenant Relocation Policy and a Rent Freeze. There are many great, progressive ideas floating around right now, each trying to tackle Vancouver’s housing crisis. The point where all of these different plans intersect is data.

The Real Rent Control Hackathon is an event for local programmers and hacktivists to get involved in our fight for Real Rent Control. Vancouver Tenants Union invite coders of all kinds to come together to help build an open-source tool for accurately tracking rental data across our city.


  • Foster a grassroots network of activists with technological know-how.
  • Champion open source principles and collaborative software development practices.
  • Harvest public rental data from online resources and monitor common rental websites.
  • Save collected data to an online database and create a web app to display the information publicly.
  • Arm Vancouverites with the tools to enforce Real Rent Control and expand tenant rights.
  • Geek out and have fun!


Anyone planning to participate in the hackathon can find out more about the project on our Github page at

Location: 133 Powell St. Vancouver