Future Planning - Neighbourhood Chapters Session

This has been a tough tough year, but we have stayed strong together. In this past year, we have seen several victories including holding a 150 people rally to fight for marginalized tenants, pushing back on the City’s unfair Tenant Relocation and Protection Policy. We are also seeing many fresh faces and energy in our working groups and steering committee. As our Union is growing, we want to make sure our internal structure, vision, and goals are also evolving so that not only can we become even more member-driven, but also get ready for the bigger fight to make housing a human right. In this spirit, the steering committee is planning a series of visioning sessions to 1) strengthen our internal structures to ensure transparency, and access to participation; and 2) establish strategies to build our organizing power and goals. 

If you're part of a neighbourhood chapter, would like to join or start one, or are just curious about the role chapters play in the VTU structure, please come to this session! All members are welcome to any of the sessions!


Will you come?