First Mini-Victory


The VTU has its first victory!  


A tenant at Ross House, an SRO Hotel at 313 Alexander Street, was given a fabricated Two Month Notice claiming to need his unit as a caretaker suite.  The tenant - a senior - has lived in his unit for over ten years and lives on a basic Canada Pension Plan. The building has been subject to media attention for its use of fixed-term tenancies to evict low-income tenants and turn over rooms for higher rent. The proposed “caretaker” was a long-time business associate of the landlord, apparently willing to conclude his management career by moving into a <100/sq SRO room and acting as caretaker in exchange for a rent abatement. Pressed by the arbitrator in mediation prior to the full hearing, the landlord admitted they didn’t have a case and rescinded the Notice. The tenant was able to continue his tenancy at $450/mo and the landlord has been barred from claiming the unit as a caretaker suite in the future. Way to go to VTU advocates Liam, Wendy, and to the tenant for pushing back!

Next step: to advertise this victory to other tenants at Ross House.  If one tenant can do it, then other tenants can see that it’s possible to fight back and win too!

Tenant Power!