February 2024 [Online] General Meeting Minutes

42 VTU members and guests attended our February General Meeting which took place on February 15th over Zoom. Here is a summarized version of the minutes.

Item 1 - Land Acknowledgement & Community Agreements

Item 2 - ATUN Representative Election

    • The Autonomous Tenants Union Network (ATUN-RSIA) is a North American collaborative of tenant unions who have chosen to remain independent of nonprofits, big foundations, and government funding in order to build power that is responsive to and led by tenants
    • In our AGM, we voted to be a part of ATUN in order to get connected with other tenant unions throughout the continent
    • As a member of ATUN, we need a representative that is able to regularly attend ATUN meetings to update them and share on our situation as a union, as well as hear from other tenant unions and give each other information and advice - build solidarity with other tenant unions
  • Motion to elect two members to share the responsibility as our ATUN representatives
    • Motion passed

Item 3 - Introduction to the Library System

Item 4 - Special Resolution: Stipend/Reimbursement Bylaw Updates

  • BIRT The Vancouver Tenants Union accepts the following changes to the Bylaws document, including the addition of references throughout the text to include Policies on the same basis of the Constitution and Bylaws, the newly appended Policies, and the renaming of the Bylaws document to “Bylaws and Policies of the Vancouver Tenants Union”, as discussed and amended at the February 15, 2024 General Membership meeting.
    • Motion passed

Item 5 - 2024 Budget Planning

  • Presentation on 2023 financial year and current budget
  • Request for Chapters and Working Groups to determine budgets for the year
    • One “business as usual” budget
    • One “stretch” budget where the sky's the limit
  • If you are interested in helping shape the budget and policy, join the Bylaws & Finance Working Group!
  • Fundraise at the chapter level
  • Increase donations if you have the means
  • After everyone has input, the 2024 budget will be brought to the next General Meeting for approval
  • Chapters will receive a record of their past year’s spending for reference

Item 6 - Working Group & Chapter Reports

  • Mount Pleasant Chapter
    • Fighting eviction to turn apartments into a reduced number of luxury condos
    • The landlord is trying to get around protections offered by the Strata Conversion Guidelines
    • Please send a letter and share www.defendeastvan.ca
  • Eastside Chapter
  • Fairview Chapter
    • Held a chapter retreat to focus on the year ahead
    • Recently challenged illegal evictions at the RTB and won
  • West End Chapter
    • Meeting and growing in their neighbourhood
    • Currently organizing two buildings with door knocking and tenant supports
    • Setting goals and priorities based on a recent strategic planning retreat
  • Communications Working Group
    • Democratizing communications work by seeking representatives from chapters and working groups to be able to push their own content to networks
    • Searching for tenant success stories to share
  • Education & Outreach Working Group
    • Updating workshops to reflect frequent questions
    • Releasing the VTU library
    • Working on translating handbooks
  • Data Tools Working Group
    • Holding monthly hackathons
    • Working on project to track rental data across Metro Vancouver
    • Seeking information on landlord use evictions
  • Bylaws & Finance Working Group
    • Renamed from Internal Relations
    • Bylaw changes presented above
    • Budgeting for the coming year
  • Multimedia Arm Working Group
    • Working on a documentary
  • Solidarity & Direct Action Working Group
    • Recently held their first meeting
    • Improving relationships with existing solidarity relationships

Item 7 - Announcements

  • Visioning Retreat
    • Open to all members
    • Sunday, February 25th from 12:30pm to 5:30pm
    • Decide on the direction of the VTU for the next year

Item 8 - Workshop Test Run (Dealing with the Media During Campaigns)


Live minutes are recorded at each GM and condensed for the website. For more detailed minutes any member may contact us: [email protected]