April 2024 [Hybrid] General Meeting Minutes

Approximately 31 VTU members and guests attended our April General Meeting which took place on April 7th in-person and over Zoom. Here is a summarized version of the minutes.

Item 1 - Land Acknowledgement and Community Agreements

Item 2 - Discussion

  • This discussion was held in small groups in the room and online
  • Question of the day: What is the point of a tenants union?

Item 3 - Steering Report

  • VTU 2024 Retreat
    • “Naming the Moment” exercise recap
    • Concrete action items, including:
      • More social spaces and activities, including during GMs
      • More frequent GMs to hold space for important conversations and discussions
      • Member orientation at the beginning of GMs
      • Working towards organizing a tenant’s convention
      • Building solidarity with other movements
    • Chapters will be hosting the summer GMs


Item 4 - Budget

  • Review of expected operating costs for the Union Hall, website, email services, etc
  • Expected union-wide expenses such as room bookings, access funds, and socials
  • Neighbourhood Chapter budgets will be $2,000 unless a budget is submitted
  • We currently don’t have any grants, and so fundraising is suggested at neighbourhood events

Item 5 - Chapter and Working Group Updates

  • Mount Pleasant Chapter
    • Positive news against strata conversions
    • Seeing some new action in the Broadway Plan area and the TRPP is getting tested
  • Eastside Chapter
    • Coordinating newsletter across 6-building network
    • Fighting against a landlord threatening tenants to get them to leave (eviction by harassment)
  • Fairview Chapter
    • Successful social at Granville Park with 50 participants
    • Focusing on buildings impacted by the Broadway Plan
    • Held an Organizing 102 workshop
  • West End Chapter
    • Focus on strategic planning
    • Conversations for recruiting and onboarding new members
    • Adding an additional landlord to the top focuses due to recent issues
  • Communications Working Group
    • Identified chapter communications reps and working to on-board them
    • Piloting Trello for collaboration and transparency of working group activities
    • Ongoing work on website and brand guidelines
  • Education & Outreach Working Group
    • New member orientation at the beginning of GMs
    • Launched the VTU library
  • Data Tools Working Group
    • Current focus on data gathering
    • Starting on tools to bring information together for organizing and other research purposes

Item 6 - By-Election

  • Steering is currently under capacity and needs more members to volunteer in order to achieve the goals set out during the Visioning Retreat
  • Two new members have been nominated
  • As there are more than two seats available for elected steering members, the initial motion is to acclaim both nominees
  • Motion to acclaim two new members to steering
    • VOTE: Motion passed unanimously