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VTU's Membership Organizing and Tenant Solidarity (MOATS) working group has developed the following workshops to support VTU members and neighbourhood chapters. Contact MOATS to learn more or to book a workshop: [email protected] 

Consciousness Raising

These workshops provide basic "know your rights" information for BC tenancy laws.

These workshops are useful for:

  • Open/Public Events
  • External community groups
  • Groups of VTU members or renters wanting to learn their basic rights

Eviction Self Defense

Length: 30-60 minutes

Reviews the material covered in the Eviction Self Defense Handbook

Keep Your Landlord in Check

Length: 40-60 minutes

Reviews the material covered in the Keep Your Landlord in Check Handbook. These are basic renters rights for situations not related to evictions. The workshop provides an agitational framing to encourage renters to consider collective solutions to common issues.


Tenant Organizing

These workshops provide basic tenant organizing skills, based on the Jane McElevy style of labour organizing 

These workshops are useful for:

  • New VTU members or groups of members who want to learn basic organizing skills
  • Renters who want to organize their building or in their neighborhood

Organizing 101: Talking to Your Neighbours and Organizing Your Building

Length - 60-90 mins

  • Develop a understanding of what “organizing” means and what are some basic phases in an organizing effort
    • Envision what an organized rental building, neighborhood or city could look like
  • Provide practical tips for how to prepare for
    • door knocking
    • mapping a building

Organizing 102: Building the Dream Team

Length - 90 mins

  • Leadership Identification
  • Semantics & Structured Organizing Conversations
  • Intro to Working in Groups

Organizing 201:  Building to Majorities for real Tenant Power 

*In development*


Administration Workshops

These workshops provide useful information about the administrative aspects of running a VTU working group or neighbourhood chapter

These workshops are useful for:

  • Volunteer members who want to facilitate meetings or chair a working group
  • Tenant organizers who are signing up new VTU members

VTU Basics

Length - 40-90 minutes

An introduction to VTU's constitution and bylaws, and how to run a working group or neighbourhood chapter meeting. 

Spreadsheets, Nationbuilder & Privacy Basics

Length - 60 minutes

Introduction to using Nationbuilder, our member database, to upload and download member contact information for the purposes of organizing. This workshop also includes best practices for respecting members' privacy rights.