West End Chapter Launch

Photo of small poster attached to a sign board advertising the West End Chapter Meeting

On March 24th 2019, the inaugural meeting of the VTU West End Chapter took place at Gordon Neighbourhood House...

Tenants came out to meet their neighbours and discuss tenancy issues in the West End and in their buildings.

We formed the beginnings of working groups. We talked about some potential projects, and what kinds of things each of us would be interested in doing.

The VTU West End Chapter will have general meetings monthly. Working group meetings may happen more frequently, depending on the group. We are excited to see the community’s interest in the chapter and we look forward to growing. It is our goal to have at least one VTU member in each rental building in the West End. 

Housing is a human right. Everyone deserves to live in a safe, secure, and affordable home.

Want to get involved? Email [email protected]