Victory at the Belvedere Court

Banner draped over the side of the Belvedere Court

Another victory for the VTU! Tenants can beat renovictions, even if their landlord has a permit!

A few months ago, a tenant at the Belvedere Court (2545 Main Street) received an eviction notice from their landlord due to construction allegedly required in proximity to their suite. However, after having worked with the VTU, and fellow tenants within the building, a decision was rendered on June 30th by an RTB arbitrator to cancel the eviction notice.

The landlord had failed to demonstrate that the construction work required an end to the tenancy, that vacancy was necessary, and that they did not have an ulterior economic motive behind issuing the eviction notice.

This couldn't have been achieved without tenants organizing in the Belvedere court, who worked together to support their neighbour and contribute evidence for a strong application to the RTB. Tenant organizing is an indispensable first step towards ending renovictions NOW!