May 2022 [Virtual] General Meeting Minutes

27 VTU members attended our May 7th general meeting. Here is a summarized version of the minutes. 

Item 1 - Territorial Acknowledgement & Community Agreements

Item 2 - Defend Broadway Campaign Update

Item 3 - Proposed Changes to VTU Bylaws 

Item 4 - Five Year Reflection and Basis of Unity Updates for 2022 

  • Special Resolution: BE IT RESOLVED THAT the membership of the Vancouver Tenants Union adopts the Basis of Unity document as one of our core documents, and incorporates the main points of unity to the Constitution
    • Motion passes unanimously

Item 5 - Announcements (15 mins)

  • Accessibility Working Group
  • May 17th BBQ at City Hall

Meeting Adjourned

Live minutes are recorded at each GM and condensed for the website. For more detailed minutes any member may contact us: [email protected]