June Member Meeting


Our second monthly member meeting took place on June 11th. Here's what happened... 

Item 1: Community Agreements

The meeting started with introducing our Community Agreements, (which will be re-iterated at all our meetings). They are:

1. One-mic - means to respect each others speaking time.
2. Speak Up/Listen Up - means that people who are comfortable should step up on their listening skills and people who tend not to speak should step up speaking more.
3. Break It Down - explaining words or phrases that are unclear/ inaccessible.
4. Respect Each Other - oppressive behaviour will not be tolerated.
5. Challenge Ideas, Not People - disagreements should be expressed with what people have said and not the people themselves.
6. Be Present
7. Take Care Of Yourself - do what is best for your physical and emotional well being

Item 2: Round of introductions & immediate risks with all present members

Item 3: Victory Announcements from members who have won legal battles against their landlords over the past month

Item 4: Tenant Organizing with Harley Augustino from UNITE HERE


Chant: "Who’s got the power? We’ve got the power. What kind of power? Tenants Power?"

Item 5: Battle for the Balmoral Hotel Update/Call-out

"This issue is the thin edge of the wedge. The City needs to make the repairs at the Balmoral. We want the Sahotas out of the DTES. We need to chase slumlords out of the city."

Item 6: Breakout Groups:

  1. Immediate Advocacy
  2. Street Canvasser Training
  3. Organizing Mentorship
  4. VTU Convention planning

NEXT MEETING: July 22nd (Email reminder will be sent out with time & location)