Glossary of Terms

ATUN - Autonomous Tenants Union Network

BCFED - BC Federation of Labour

BCGEU - BC General Employees Union

BIRT - Be It Resolved That

BIRFT - Be it Further Resolved That

CBTIFCommunity Based Tenants Initiative Fund

CCPA - Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

CMHC - Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation

COPE - Coalition of Progressive Electors (municipal political party)

LOTR - Land Owner Transparency Registry

M/S/C - Motioned/Seconded/Carried (used in minutes if a motion passes unanimously and there is no need to note the vote count)

MOATS - Membership Organizing and Tenant Solidarity (working group)

NPA - Non-Partisan Association (municipal political party)

PRC - Poverty Reduction Coalition

RSB - Rent Strike Bargain 

RTA - Residential Tenancy Act (the provincial law)

RTB - Residential Tenancy Branch (enforces the law)

SRO-C - Single Room Occupancy Collaborative

TRAC - Tenant Resource Advisory Centre

TRPP - Tenant Relocation and Protection Plan (municipal bylaw)

VANDU - Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users

VDLC - Vancouver and District Labour Council

VTAG - Victoria Tenant Action Group