Read up on the VTU's Constitution and Bylaws Before our AGM

As most of you know, we’re having our first AGM on Nov 26th at the Russian Hall at 1PM. The two big items that we’re going to accomplish at the AGM are ratifying our Constitution and Bylaws and Electing our Steering Committee. Go over the current version of the VTU's Constitution and Bylaws before voting at the AGM.



For the last two months, we formed a temporary Constitution Working Group to write our Constitution and bylaws with several members of the steering committee as well as other VTU members who expressed interest. On Saturday November 18th, we hosted a pre-AGM where our membership was invited to give final comments on the Constitution and Bylaws as they were written by this Working Group.

Our currently intention is to register under the BC Societies Act with this Constitution and Bylaws. We'll be bringing them to a vote at our inaugural AGM at the Russian Hall on the 26th and encourage our members to give the documents a read prior to this event. There are two documents linked to below: the first is a copy of the Constitution and Bylaws, and the second is a plain language version of the Bylaws which we hope is clear and will be accessible to most of our membership.

==>Find the VTU's Constitution and Bylaws here

==>Find the Plain Language version of the VTU's Bylaws here.