Tenants of Cascadia Renters United rally against landlords Cressey Development Group over poor living conditions

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October 24, 2023

For Immediate Release

Cascadia Renters United (CRU) represents tenants across four buildings (Graveley, Penderville, Sandringham, Eton) owned by Cressey Development Group and its subsidiary Cascadia Apartment Rentals Ltd. in East Vancouver.

CRU has organized to protest poor living conditions in their buildings including neglectful maintenance, safety and fire risks, pest and mold infestations, and harassment from their common building manager Jennifer Naidu.

With support from the Vancouver Tenants Union (VTU), CRU delivered a letter to Cressey’s offices on September 11, 2023 demanding that these issues be fixed. The letter was co-signed by nearly a hundred tenants, representing a majority of units in all four buildings. Cressey has not responded to CRU’s demands, prompting today’s rally.

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Quick facts:

  • According to their Facebook page, Cressey Development Ltd’s subsidiary Cascadia Apartments manages over 5000 apartments in BC
  • The four buildings where tenants have organized has 165 rental units (Penderville, 41 units; Graveley, 48 units; Eton, 41 units; Sandringham, 35)
  • Cressey Development Ltd. owns the buildings outright
  • According to Lexisnexus Cressey Development has an annual revenue of $25 million USD