Berkeley Tower Tenants Rally

The tenants of Berkeley Tower (1770 Davie St) are holding a press conference and rally at Morton Park outside their residence to bring attention to their critical situation, and to highlight the loopholes at the provincial and municipal government levels that contribute to the housing crisis in Vancouver.


New owner Reliance Properties intends to evict all current residents of the building to turn 56 affordable units into high end luxury units. Reliance Properties’ president is Jon Stovell, who is also Chair of the Urban Development Institute - a powerful and influential lobby group for the real estate development industry. Based on precedent case law through the Supreme Court of BC, tenancies can be maintained if residents are willing to relocate temporarily to accommodate the renovations. The tenants, some who have lived in their suites for up to 40 years, have collectively submitted such a proposal to Reliance Properties and the City Of Vancouver. At a meeting with tenants, Stovell himself turned down the tenants’ proposal to accommodate renovations. The City Of Vancouver has also refused to consider the tenants’ proposal, and has indicated that the permits will be issued to pave the way for evictions.

“The way I see it, our City government is holding the bully’s coat, while they evict us just so they can increase all 56 suites from affordable to luxury rents… They just need to get rid of us.” says Carol Korm, who has lived in Berkeley Tower for 30 years.

The tenants of Berkeley Tower and the Vancouver Tenants Union call upon:
- Reliance Properties to halt all renovictions at Berkeley Tower
City Of Vancouver to use its power in the permitting process to prevent renovictions 
- BC provincial government to categorically enforce case law precedent against renovictions 
- Local and provincial governments to put the needs of the the majority of Vancouver’s population (renters) above powerful lobby groups such as LandlordBC and Urban Development Institute.

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Facebook Event

  • September 26, 2018 at 6:00pm – 7pm