2021 Virtual AGM

50 members attended VTU's fourth Annual General Meeting, held on the unceded and occupied territory of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil Waututh on September 26th, 2021. Due to the pandemic, members were invited to attend and participate online or via telephone. Here's what happened...


  • Members heard reports from the Steering Committee and from the following working groups and chapters:
    • Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood Chapter
    • Joyce-Collingwood Neighbourhood Chapter
    • Communications
    • Membership Organizing and Tenant Solidarity (MOATS)
    • Datatools
    • Rent.Strike.Bargain Campaign
    • City Hall Working Group

  • Members heard reports and passed the following resulting motions:
    • Rent Survey Project Update + Motion
      • WHEREAS the VTU membership already passed a motion authorizing the Broadway Subway Rent Survey at the last GM.
      • WHEREAS the Datatools Working Group recently got clarity on the CCPA granting and ethics process. CCPA funds will be made available later than initially anticipated and for a lesser amount.
      • WHEREAS the VTU has sufficient funds from the Organizing Grant to finance this project.
        • BIRT the VTU provides the additional funding for the project, up to $7800, until such time that the CCPA partially reimburses us. All research will remain the sole property of the VTU.
    • Internal Relations/Bylaws Committee Update + Motion
      • WHEREAS the VTU membership directed the Internal Relations Committee to add a map of the Lower Mainland as an appendix to the bylaws to further clarify section 2.1 at the August 2021 GM, 
        • BIRT the following map and description be added as an appendix to the bylaws: The Lower Mainland indicates the portions of the Fraser River Valley located North of the US border, West of the Eastern shore of Harrison Lake, and South of Horseshoe Bay
    • Motion to purchase T-shirts
      • WHEREAS many members have asked for VTU t-shirts
      • WHEREAS we have sufficient funds to pay for a run of t-shirts
        • BIRT up to $5300 CAD be allocated for the printing of 200 t-shirts by Valu Co-op
  • Members heard from nominees running for a term on the Steering Committee. Because there was an equal number nominees to the seats available, attending members voted to acclaim all nominees. The newly elected members are:

AJ Batalden, Lillian Deeb, Mariah G.,  Lea Hogan, Evan M., Vince Tao, Joey Thall, Neil Vokey, Tintin Yang

A big thanks to the amazing work of the outgoing elected Steering Committee members from 2020/21 who have stepped down:

Luis Octavio Porte Petit Campo, Yi Chien Jade Ho, Asha K., Abbey P., Christian Pollock, Maya S.

Full AGM minutes are available to members by request: [email protected]

A huge thanks to all the volunteers who helped make the virtual AGM a success!