2020 Virtual AGM

The VTU's third Annual General Meeting was held on the unceded and occupied territory of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil Waututh on July 25th, 2020. Due to the pandemic, members were invited to attend and participate online or via telephone. Here's what happened...


  • Members heard reports from the Steering Committee and from the following working groups:
    • Real Rent Control BC Campaign 
    • Outreach and Advocacy Team (OAT)
    • Datatools
    • City Hall
    • Communications
    • Membership

  • Members heard from nominees running for a term on the Steering Committee. Because there were fewer nominees than seats available, attending members voted to acclaim all nominees. The newly elected members are:

Luis Octavio Porte Petit Campo, Lillian Deeb, Yi Chien Jade Ho, [redacted]*, Christian Pollock, Vince Tao, and Joey Thall.

A big thanks to the amazing work of the outgoing elected Steering Committee members from 2019/20 who have stepped down:

Sydney Ball, Darlene Bertholet, Jen Efting, Eliot Galán, Mazdak Gharibnavaz, David Hendry, Roger Newell, Sue Robinet, and Rocco Trigueros.

  • Members also voted voted in favour of accepting the $40,000 Renters Service Grant awarded to the VTU by the City of Vancouver. The new Steering Committee will now oversee the process fulfilling the grant proposal.

  • Finally, members voted to ratify a Code of Conduct, which will apply to VTU members and functions.

Full AGM minutes here.

A huge thanks to all the volunteers who helped make the virtual AGM a success!

 name redacted due to wishes of the SC member in question. Any VTU member in good standing can request a non-redacted version to be sent to them personally, per our obligation under the BC Societies Act