2019 Convention + AGM

The VTU held it's 2nd Convention and AGM on February 24, 2019 at the Russian Hall. Here's what happened...

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This year's convention theme was "building tenant power across unceded territories and borders". Guests were invited from other tenant organizations including:
  • Victoria Tenant Action Group
  • New Westminster Tenants Union
  • Renters United Kelowna

The schedule featured workshops focused on funneling members into some of the VTU's existing working groups, with a goal of building volunteer capacity in the year to come. Members also enjoyed a free meal.

Read the full schedule here.


Members heard reports from the Steering Committee and from the following working groups:

  • Outreach and Advocacy Team (OAT)
  • Policy/Real Rent Control BC Campaign
  • City Hall
  • Membership
  • Datatools
  • Farsi Speaking

Following the report-backs, members heard from nominees running for a term on the Steering Committee.

The following members were elected to the Steering Committee for 2019:

Sydney Ball, Darlene Bertholet, Jen Efting, Eliot Galán, Mazdak Gharibnavaz, David Hendry, Roger Newell, Sara Sagaii, Sue Robinet, and Rocco Trigueros.

A big thanks to the amazing work of the outgoing Steering Committee Members from 2018 who have stepped down:

Derya Akay, Jo Billows, Marina Classen, Deb Dawson, Sam Dharmapala, Joey Doyle,  Kell Gerlings, Mark Iyengar, Stephanie Langford, Liam McClure, Wendy Pedersen and Vince Tao.

Full AGM minutes here.

Also a huge thanks to all the volunteers who helped make the convention a success!

The VTU Convention and AGM was organized on the unceded and occupied territory of the Musqueam, Squamish and Tsleil Waututh.