Have you experienced an eviction recently?

Are you experiencing one now?

Click here to Report an Eviction!!!!

The VTU works to prevent evictions whenever possible. That work is made more difficult by the lack of data collected about evictions by governments and regulators.

Evictions are an unmonitored process that are regulated only when they are disputed. If a tenant doesn't know their rights and doesn't register their dispute with the RTB, no record of that eviction is ever created. 

Were you served a notice today?

Do you have a notice from a decade ago?

While it might be of little solace, the VTU is now welcoming tenants to report evictions, new and old, since no one else is collecting this data.

That way we can track their occurrence across the city and find out where they are most frequent.

Please have your eviction notice and a rent receipt on hand as our form allows you the option of uploading photographic evidence to our archive.

You will be given the option of whether any information you provide will be displayed on any future public website we create.

Note: You may want to redact some information from your photos before uploading. You can do so by opening the photo in any Paint program and drawing black rectangles over any part you wish to remain private. Then simply save the redacted photo as a new file for upload.

Click here to Report an Eviction!!!!